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TAMOJI's story

Logan Miller /// May 03, 2022 /// Portfolio Vol. 1

Porter Robinson.jpg

The defining aspect of Tamoji’s Story is to explore a Watcher’s interpretation of the physical shape of a dream. A doctrine of storytelling, this work of imagination is separated into two distinct sections: one grounded in the material realm, and the other an emotional translation from a child’s mind. Tamoji’s Story follows the impassioned efforts of a young boy attempting to understand the seemingly foreign environment around him. In this way, he struggles to combine his veiled past with a hypothetical future, thereby conceiving a reality born from the unknown and the curious. 

Partnered with 826 LA, a youth charity agency, Tamoji’s Story is a realistic take at providing a space for children to develop their creative identities and writing skills. I believe in this project as the mind of a child is pure, and with gentle guidance it can produce beautiful dreams that can shape the future of humanity. 


LA Map.jpg

Map of Los Angeles

Tamoji's Story began as a research project regarding the economical ebbs and flows of the greater Los Angeles area. Tamoji's Observations is a literary work that explores some of these core concepts, as well as laying the foundational premise for what it means to let the mind wander and explore the conceptual limits of an individual's consciousness. 

2. Philanthropical writing center

Low View Pers..jpg

Exterior Dreamatory Perspective

Tamoji Desk.jpg

Tamoji's Desk

Elysian Hutt_Section Cut.jpg

Dreamatory Section 

Elysian Hutt_Site Plan.jpg

Elysian Hill Site Plan

The premise of Tamoji's Story was to create an environment for the youth of Los Angeles, designed to provide a space full of inspiration and creativity. A small 5,000 square foot building, comprised of repurposed steel and timber, rests at the peak of Elysian Park, the forgotten stepchild of natural areas in the Los Angeles area, often overshadowed by the bigger and more popular Echo Park. However, Elysian Park is an optimal site for this project due to the natural support of visual memories that Angel Point is able to provide by overlooking downtown LA. Partnered with 826 LA, the concept for Elysian Park's dreamatorium supports as many thirty children and ten chaperones. A space built to provide a positive learning environment and get the most out of each individual child's mind. 

3. In the mind of a child

Cloud Makers.jpg

Cloud Makers

Porter Robinson.jpg

Tamoji's Dream

Six Roof.jpg

The Platform Image


Dream Takers Banner

Dream Takers.jpg

Tamoji no Machi


Moon Rakers Banner

My Mircioui.jpg

Fu no Machi

Collaged Letters.jpg

Tamoji's Letters

The second half of this project is centered on Tamoji's interpretation of the world around him. A young Japanese boy thrust into a foreign environment, alone. His drawings are his way of visualizing the city, Elysian Hill's dreamatory, as well as a series of cryptic letters from his parents back in Japan. The world that we live in is difficult to understand, even more so for a child without the aid of his parents. However, the mind is a beautiful place, and Tamoji was able to find peace through his creative writing. 

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