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I am currently focused on developing the new wave of architecture in space and other extraterrestrial biomes. The idea of traveling and practicing in exotic locations provides a balanced approach for each individual project through that region's culture + unique spacial tendencies. Design in architecture is a steppingstone towards establishing a new way of harboring life. A method of living that I hope can be shared with life around the universe through personal storytelling and engaged thoughts. 

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Inspired by the future and conditioned through the past. Logan's work begins with the desire to create change based on historical and cultural values, while preparing and designing for the future through innovative processes and designs. 



Professional Bachelors in Art, Architecture, + Design - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Minor in Classical Archaeology

Masters in Urban Design Theory - University of College Dublin

Masters in Space Architecture - University of Houston, SICSA (In Progress)


My goal is to implement personal skillsets such as graphic design and archaeology into my architectural work to make the process of design relatable and engaging. Different tendencies for each project will allow the design to be seen through an alternate lens, often opening up new and diverse ideas that can lead towards a more complete and finished product. Lamdesign was created as a way for other designers and non-designers alike to become inspired and to pursue their own dreams. A way for people to come together in order to promote positive change for both current and future generations.

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