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Logan Miller /// Apr. 25, 2020 /// Portfolio Vol. 1

RHK Tabletop Model Dark

The International Museum of Modern art in Dublin (IMMA), has a current issue with a wavering identity. That is, the architecture is stuck between catering to the historical significance of the host building, the Royal Hospital of Kilmainham (RHK), or fully embracing its bold desire to be seen as a modern art museum. 

The implementation of information gained from conducting studies surrounding the bridges spanning the rivers Liffy and Camac, the two waterways that are responsible for isolating the site of IMMA from the rest of downtown Dublin, has acted as a catalyst to elevate the level of significance that IMMA has on the surrounding landscape and population. The addition proposed in the Perforated Containment proposal seeks to establish IMMA as its own separate entity, completely distinguishing itself from its historical counterpart in RHK. 

Traversing the line between establishing a bold new physical representation of the museum, while preserving the culturally significant built environment is tedious. However, the proposed addition seeks to revitalize how the site is perceived by introducing a new entrance that leads to the currently underutilized basement of the architecture. The new entrance employs a social amphitheater that diversifies the circulation pattern and breathes new life into a stale and outdated appearance. 


IMMA Global Map

Precedent Study Map

Single PC Board

Perforated Containment Visualization

A focused study on seven precedents from around the world, within different settings and cultures, was a method to form a sensible conclusion to IMMA's lacking commitment of spatially representing a modern museum of art. A mixture of incorporating the guest as part of the exhibit, doubling down on the existing environment, and forcing a visible distinction between the host (RHK) and the parasite (IMMA), are the main common denominators in all of the successful modern art museums examined. 

The idea of creating an environment where IMMA can be seen as both a container for the exhibitions on display, as well as being contained itself produces a fascinating paradox. Developing bold strategies in order to exaggerate the presence of IMMA, as well as the historical significance of the existing architecture will yield a more successful experience for both the displayed exhibitions and the viewers interacting with the site. 

Perforated Containment is an amalgamation of each of the primary elements in the following precedent study. Each museum has several positive qualities about how the architecture interacts with their historical counterpart and the exhibition as a whole, which proved to be more influential in the design process of IMMA, as opposed to the knowledge gained from the negative attributes of each space. 

2. International development

Manipulated Exhibition Space Video

Ampitheatre Diagram

Population Density Plan


Longitudinal Section (Looking North)

The tiered amphitheater outside the new underground entrance inserts a space that invites a protracted entry, as well as drawing attention to the perforated containment addition. The sporadic planters included within the staircase system allows the amphitheater to blend in with the surrounding royal gardens. Differing platform widths and lengths provide the means for multiple activities such as reclining, reading, or organized events that the museum sponsors. 

This discrepancy between the physical nature of each of the steps produces a varied result when analyzing population density pockets. Similar to the construction of different bridges over the rivers Camac and Liffey, which changed the rate by which people accessed the RHK site, so too does the amphitheater addition produce changes for the rate at which people access IMMA.  

Maintaining the state of mind of an ever-evolving architecture and site will insert IMMA in the conversation of relevant modern art museums. Conversely, the inability to adapt and morph into something new will surely result in a similar circumstance to the institutions current issues, that being a blasé environment that is not producing anything new for the surrounding population. 


PPC_Exterior Pers

Perspective (Looking Southeast)

PPC_Interior Space Pers.

Interior Perspective

Upper Courtyard

Courtyard Perspective (Looking Northeast)

Perforated Containment is a modular addition to the site of RHK that is meant to inject vitality into IMMA. The incorporation of a new exhibition center is a necessary component for any further adaptations to the architecture, as currently many of the exhibition spaces are within tight corridors and poorly lit areas. The introduction of a larger space, that appears to be vast, as well as a broad entrance that is more welcoming than the current iteration, displays a step in the right direction for both IMMA and modern art in general. 

More work from my perspective regarding IMMA and the site of the RHK can be accessed from the link below, along with a multitude of other students' proposals and research. 

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